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 New Software - Friki 2.0

First fruits of our software update program. An all-new version of the popular "Friki" Wiki software. Now with full-feature markup. Friki 2.0 has been completely rewritten using Test Driven Design to implement the complete "classic" markup found in the great majority of Wiki systems. Friki 2.0 is now available as a one-copy-install. Just plop the appropriate "war" file into the webapps directory of any modern servlet container or Java application Server and away you go. You can read the installation/configuration instructions here.

The original Friki 1.0 was developed in a single weekend in 1999 to be the "simplest thing" in a practical Java Wiki. Since that time there has been a single bug-fix update to Friki 1.1, some interest from users, and a few people have based their own projects on Friki.

Development interest in the project was rekindled after reading the definitive Wiki book: "The Wiki Way - Quick Collaboration on the Web" by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham.. This is an inspiring book and left me desperate for a full-feature Wiki to use for all my collaboration and on-line information. The original Friki code had too many problems to be a good platform for adding extra features, and web technology had moved on a lot since the days of Apache JServ.

The new Friki 2.0 binaries are available from the download page, You can also try out a live version here, or read the installation/configuration instructions here.

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